Sec. Doon Public School.

Affiliated To CBSE, New Delhi, Affiliation No :330770.

Chemistry Laboratory

The Chemistry Laboratory is renovated and well maintained to ensure sufficient practical experience to all the students. It has facility to accommodate sixty students at a time. The students make good use of this facility.

Physics Laboratory

The school has a full-fledged Physics Laboratory with all the equipment and instruments to cater to the needs of Secondary School students. The Laboratory is used by all the secondary Students.

Biology Lab.

The Biology Laboratory is fully equipped to meet the needs of the Secondary School students. It has a special section with a lot of specimen and some rare specimen meticulously maintained and made available to the students for their learning.

Computer Lab.

The school has two computer Laboratories fully equipped with the latest facilities to enable the students to have access to the latest information technology. Students from class One up to class Ten use this facility.

CCTV Surveillance.

The school has installed CCTV Surveillance system in the entire campus. All the class rooms and space used by the students are covered by this. This will ensure safety of the students and better monitoring of all the activities within the school campus.


  1. Build up area (sq. mtrs) :1300 Sq Mts
  2. In sq. mtrs. :8093 Sq Mtrs
  3. Area of playground (in sq. mtrs):7060 Sq Mtrs